Club Lacrosse

What is "club lacrosse"?

  • Club lacrosse is the lacrosse equivalent of premier level soccer, or AAU basketball. It includes professional (not volunteer) coaching, off-season training, and higher level competition than you would see in our Farmington recreational league.

How are teams designated?

  • Teams are designated by age group, specifically: expected high school graduation year. USA Lacrosse is making a push to classify by birthday, especially for younger kids, but currently most clubs are sticking with graduation year. Currently that translates to...
  • 2028 - just completed 8th-grade
  • 2029 - just completed 7th-grade
  • 2030 - just completed 6th-grade
  • 2031 - just completed 5th-grade
  • 2032 - just completed 4th-grade
  • 2033 - just completed 3rd-grade
  • 2034-2035 - most clubs will lump this together as a developmental program 

What's the typical schedule for a club program?...

  • SUMMER: this is 1) the PRIMARY training/ competition season for club lacrosse, and 2) at the end of the annual club lacrosse cycle (but some teams may still have open spots in June, or offer "practice player" opportunities)...
  • 2-3 practices per week in June and into July, typically in the evenings for most clubs.
  • Weekend tournaments - as few as 2 to as many as 6 or more, depending on the club and age group. Most of the local clubs don't travel out of the Northeast for tournaments. Most clubs also do NOT schedule individual games with other clubs... The weekend tournaments are the place to be for competition.
  • Most clubs will have tryouts in late July/ early August for their next year's teams (So tryout this coming Jul/ Aug for fall 2024 through summer 2025 teams).
  • FALL: Maybe 6 or 7 practices (1x per week) Sep - Nov, ending with 1 or 2 fall tournaments. Clubs will often train on Sundays to minimize conflicts with fall sports. And again, some may train/ play more or less, depending on the club and age group.
  • WINTER: Some clubs have winter training, many do not. IF there is activity, it's typically skills training, with few-to-no winter games/ tournaments.
  • SPRING: most clubs do not train in the spring out of deference to the town programs and regular town lacrosse season. IF they do train, it's most likely on the odd Sunday here or there.

What are the local clubs in our area?

  • 2WAY Lacrosse (boys) - training at AOF/ Westminster School.
  • 3d Lacrosse (boys & girls) - training has been based in Glastonbury, but appears to be moving towards West Hartford.
  • CT Valley (boys) - training in Suffield.
  • DewLax (girls) - training in Avon/ Simsbury.
  • Garber Gorilla Lax (boys) - training in West Hartford
  • Nor'Easter Lacrosse (girls) - training at FSA(!) for grades 3-5. Various locations for other grades.
  • Piatelli Lacrosse (boys) - training in western MA. 
  • Team CT (boys & girls) - training in Cheshire.  
  • Lax Plus  (girls) - training in South Windsor

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